Thursday, September 14, 2006

More Patio Pics

Look how heavy those bricks look....

It doesn't look like much from this picture but it is realy cool in person...

Our nieghbor Rob came over and told Ben he was "looking pecky." I would have to agree, what do you all think?

notice all the dirt by the door, he had to move all that somewhere else so he made a new flower bed by the lilack tree...

now he is really looking pecky Posted by Picasa

New Patio!

This was the coolest house project yet! We got/stole a bunch of free/trash pavers from a demolition sight down town Columbus. A friend of a friend said we could pick them up after working hours/after dark.... anyway they were really cool. They had writing on them and weigh like 5 pounds each. So 3 Durango loads later we had enough for a small pation on our bac yard. Months went by and finally Ben had no school for 3 weeks/1week. So he and our friend Kevin bagan shoveling 3 TONS of sand and gavel into the hole Ben had dug out for our patio. 3 TONS! That seemed like so much until they delivered it and it only made 2 little piles on our driveway. Good thing we only payed $100 for it. And notice the yellow wheelbarrow! We got the plastic yellow Stanley at Walmart for $25. The top broke off after two loads... cheap! Well Ben had some huge metal washers and fixed it. yea!

Anyway he pounded and filled like 800 times and finally after 2 gallons of fake Cristal Light lemon aid it was finally time for laying bricks.

It was so cool. I love our new patio. It looks kind of grubby and that's what we like about it. And Abbey even got to help a little. She was holding the wheelbarrow for Dad while he shoveled the rest of the sand on top of the patio. She is soooo strong for her age.

And thirsty. She drank a whole gallon of fake Cristal Light all by herslef!

(And yes again she is sleeveless.... but notice the farmer tan shoulders... I don't do it allll the time... "Once won't hurt" right guys....Just picture the mormon ad with the balloon and the needle going toward it) Posted by Picasa