Thursday, August 19, 2010

More Yosemite

Talk about professional photo! Nice job Ben with iPhone!
Not too long after this picture was taken Ben, Alex, Uncle Joe, Aunt Melinda and Uncle Dayne hiked to the TOP of this huge rock called Half Dome.

The best family photo we could muster after 5 days camping.

They were so dirty! But so happy. And yes, Amelia is bare foot in the dirt! I don't know how many times we said in response to tears,"You wouldn't have owie feet if you put your shoes on!" Despite the hurt feet they were in heaven. We were lucky enough to get camp sights next to family so they had 5 playmates 24/7 and endless amounts of dirt.
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Lower Yosemite Falls

This was the closest thing to a bath they got all week. It was so great for the girls to play together. It was like they still lived 2 hours away from us like in Ohio.

We never made it to the actual pool because of all the huge rocks and little kids. But all these little pools were great. Here is my sister Melinda and her middle child- Drew. Oh, and Ethan in on the side there. He is getting so big!

We also were lucky enough to bring Ben's 14 year old nephew Alex. He was soooooooo helpful, even when he was climbing trees!

So close to the pool at the bottom of Lower Yosemite Falls, yet so far.
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Friday, August 13, 2010

Marian at Yosemite

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

How Do I Express...?

So it's been a year! One year since we moved to Utah and it has been the hardest year of my life. I love my family and there is nothing better than living with and close to your family..... unless you lived with these folks in Columbus. There are so many friends and neighbors we miss. we were lucky enough to get a few visits from some of our favorite families this year. First Cathie and Leah came What a treat. Then we got to visit with the Haradas for a few hours, then the Sondrups were in town between moves and lastly but not least THE LYBBERTS! Emily had to make a college visit as a homework assignment. OSU was just too much trouble so they had to check out BYU. We got to hang out with the Sondrups and the Lybberts at the same time while checking out Ben's office. Yes we ALL were sitting in a little college professor sized office. There was SO MUCH LAUGHTER coming out of that little room. We decided to go to the roof for some air.

One day with the Lybberts was just not enough! So we decided to go to the Pioneer Day Parade in Salt Lake. It was Katy Bug's birthday you know. Unfortunately we did not get a photo of her on her special day :( But here is Beth and Ben and Marian sitting in the sun but with a great view of the parade. How can you not love those faces!?

And here are my girls! How can I get my daughters to grow up and become even a little bit as impressive as these girls are? Emily and Allyson are my two favorite high school girls in the whole wide world. I met these two girls just a few years ago but have been impressed by them since day one. At 12 years old Emily gave a talk at church and it was the most inspiring and beautiful talk ever. I remember thinking, "man, that girl gives better talks than I do and she's only 12. Imagine what will become of her after she serves a mission (if that's what she wants to do)." And now that she is going to be a senior in high school.... yep just what you would expect, she's amazing! Then Allyson, she is my hero. I feel nothing but love exuding from her. She is a true example of Christ like service. Her siblings may laugh, she also bites and hits like a hockey player but I really do feel her genuine love for others (not related to her). I loved getting Allyson talking on the way home from babysitting. She has so much wisdom. I think she asks the right kinds of questions. Even though she has extreme confidence in herself (to say the least) there is a true humble spirit in her. In quiet moments there is some real soul searching humility. Just look at these two, they are so beautiful and full of life. Being around these two is like a big sloppy hug with giggles and pink frosting. We love you and hope to see you again soon!

John, we love your hat almost as much a we love you. You are my favorite Lybbert boy. Keep being a boy no matter how much all those women in your house give you grief.
And Katie, thanks for sharing your birthday with us. I think President Ukdorf could sense it was your birthday and made a special wave to you and my girls. You are great!
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