Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival

I'm loving having all girls. Sorry Ben. We get to do the girliest things. Tons of flowers and adorable shops. Loved it. 

 Classic, my children running through the garden. Does anyone know how to paint impressionist style. Just take out the building as the focal point back there.
 We rented a golf cart because my mom sprained her ankle. But it is worth the $25. It was a huge park. The hardest part was the anxiety of imagining the girls falling off. I am glad we had lots of adult arms holding the kids.
I have to admit, the more time I spend with my grandma, the more I understand and appreciate her. I actually look forward to hanging out with her. She was such a weirdo when I was growing up. What has changed? I guess me. She has become one of my best friends. She is great, she always has time for me and she has endless patience (almost) for her great grand children. If any of you see her spanking my children while I am not looking, push her over, or just tell her to stop.

Happy Birthday Mom and Amelia! It was so fun. We are so lucky to live by you.