Sunday, April 29, 2007

Amelia is Here!

Dani after a leisurely walk. Moments later we left for the hospital.
Wednesday 7:34pm

Abbey at her command station awaiting drop off, only slightly aware that in less than 12 hours her position of power would be compromised. She seems to say "let's do this"
Wednesday 7:37pm

After 2 hours of screening, Dani convinced the nurses that she was in active labor by having a baby. Not really, but we did have to demonstrate "progress" to be admitted. Here sweet Amelia rests after 10 minutes of the hard life. Stats: 8lbs 11oz, 21 inches. 9 APGAR score. Otherwise, ideal health. Phew.
Thursday 4:50am

Here, Abbey is less than transparent about the new arrangement, but she's had a rough 2 days of adjustment.
Thursday 5:28pm

As an added bonus, Amelia Teresa was born on here grandmother's (Teresa's) birthday! Happy 30th, mom-in-law!

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

I Cob New York

Abbey sporting a "I heart New York" onesey, a must in any child's collection. Not sure why we bothered with the cob holders.
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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Summer Babies?

Any of you women who have not had babies and are thinking about timing, let me reiterate what I'm sure you've heard already. "Being pregnant in the summer is UGLY!" At least it was for me. Let's compare photos. THIS Pregnancy...

Granted you can't see my face but you can see my hand and read my body language. In this first picture it is as if I am saying, "Yeah, I can walk around the zoo, I can even partially straddle a wart hog statue for a silly picture. " Keep in mind it is March (Spring Time) and I am having a baby in 4 weeks.

Now for last pregnancy....
This is at the end of a long summer. I can hardly keep my head up. I'm only sewing! This is 4 or 5 weeks before Abbey was born. I don't even look like me! Talk about warthog....

I apologize to any of you who have no control over timing. Having a baby any time of year is a blessing. We are very grateful and excited to be having our second baby girl!
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