Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dirty Dishes

The other day after breakfast Amelia was particularly dirty so instead of merely wiping her hands I would rinse them in the sink. Well one thing lead to another and she had pulled herself into the sink. She is stronger then me.... Her sister saw how much fun she was having and decided she wanted to play too.
I decided the kitchen sink is way better than the tub.
Less water.
No bending.
No reaching.
They can wash dishes while they are in there.
More Safe?

Not quite. Amelia is not as easily contained as her sister.

She tried to climb out several times.
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Friday, February 15, 2008

Abbey and Michelle Finally Meet and Shake Hands

Usually we are ridiculous on this blog, but today may be a slight exception. We have taken advantage of the Democrats interest in Ohio the past three days. I went to see a very unanimated Chelsea Clinton speak on campus, juxtaposed to a very exuberant but somewhat generic Hillary Clinton the day after. This afternoon “d”, “double a” (or the “A Team”) and I heard Michelle Obama speak. Her approach was more candid and unscripted. Although we are never sure about any party or politician when it comes to this stuff, there is something about the Obama duo that is unique and authentic, more so than what we hoped to find with Romney and McCain. Abbey did squeak out a “hi” as Mrs. Obama asked Abbey “Do you know this guy?” suggesting that I was some homeless man that grabbed a stray little girl for a near perfect photo op. She also complimented Abbey on her pretty jacket, still doubting if I was the father by saying, “Someone needs to check this guy out.” Unfortunately Abbey’s follow-up question, “Will Obama represent another tax and spend liberal bent on making a big government bigger and expanding government programs, programs that have 1) no incentives to be efficient, 2) no evidence of effective implementation and 3) no results of lasting meaningful change?”, went unaswered as Michelle, rattled, looked on.