Monday, November 10, 2008

Adult book store explodes, why were we there?

We Had Some Visitors!

If you can't tell we've misplaced our good camera....
So we had Ben's Best Friend from high school (Brooke) and his wife stay with us for Halloween. They were passing through to Colorado. We thought we'd show 'em a great time in Westgate. Well, on our way down Broad St. to visit the fabulos Science Museum, COSI, there was an EXPLOSION. No joke. There was a natural gas leak and it filled "The Cherry Box" and the house turned Adult Book Store EXPLODED. We were right there and had been seperated from our friends. We were behind the building in the ally (doing who knows what...) and Brooke and Christina were stuck at a stoplight. They saw the whole building blow up. We both thought the other was smashed by the tons of bricks that were sprayed into the air. To see a full article see THIS.

We still made it to COSI and back home to carve pumpkins. Just in time for the trick-o-treaters.

We also took them to OSU. We ate lunch on "the big stairs." It is part of the OSU Architecture department. Abbey wanted to walk all the way to the top. So we ate at the tip top trying to keep our baby and Brooke and Christina's baby (Isobel) from falling down "the big stairs."

The whole building is made of concrete. Everything echoed. There are NO secrets in the Architecture Department at OSU.
And no flying brick possibilites. We had a semi-safe Halloween visit.
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