Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Best Valentine's Day Ever!

Some friend's had us over for a Valentine's Party. It was more fun than I've had in a long time. When we got there Ben had to carve our initials into a tree on the wall and then we had our picture in front of it. We played some cute games and then the women and the men separated. The ladies made Valentin's cards and the guys drew pictures of our fist dates. We had to guess which one's were ours and tell our story. Later there was a surprise poem read. Our 'dates' had written us love poems the night before and then had to read them in front of everyone. Most were really short and sweet and the guys were shyly smiling. So cute! Ben's was so long and so awkward. People asked him several times to stop reading. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. He prefaced it with "The Office is our favorite show." I think he meant to have Dwight's voice in people's minds but it came out a little different as tears streamed down our faces from laughing so hard. After almost every line break we laughed and laughed. I don't know if it reads the same in the Internet as it did at the party but here goes:

My Halo, Your Halo

In the sun glow
I can see your halo
Not the video game
Although you do maliciously hunt me
With your fantastic love
...but unlike that game, you really don't kill me,
just everything up until that point.

It is in the afternoon,
And the sun is behind you
You have golden dark hair
As you roll around
In a field of tall grass
You have a blanket
With many cheeses
You beacon forth
With your fork
And we embrace
We are making out
...what those small little letters say
On all those cheeses.

You are unpredictably coy
As you toy
With my feet
Which are tired
From the hike
And scavenger hunt
You made me do
Before I could meet you
In this, secret/sacred place
That I've never been before
Is this heaven?

I am the scavenger
Like in Halo
The video game
My scopes
Are on your lips
But I spy you in my scope
not from a tall building
Or from an abandoned coal mine
Like the one Pat worked at briefly.
but millimeters from those
Frail, quivering, soft, wild, huggable lips
That whisper
You sweaty hunter
With muscular feet and wheezing breath"
And I say,
"No you surrender
Because my scope is really close to your lips
And you couldn't possibly hurt me
With those puny arms"
But you can,
And I don't tell you this,
you do have muscular arms, but only in metaphor
Instead of arms, its your heart
And it is really good at beating to get all the blood around in your body
And I see your pulse going super fast on that rather large vain on your neck and on your forehead

I slowly drop my controller, which I brought with me pretending it was a gun with a long distance scope
And I move
And closer
Now closer
And your raspberry lips
Caresses my breath
Like Castellano cheese
That I just ate while you
Slipped off my socks

Game over
I need a code to continue
but you do
Without a code,
You hold
my perfect body, in your mind.
and I hold your perfect body in my mind too.

Yeah Best Valentine's Day ever! Then at the end of the party we were given our pictures in a frame with a magnet on the back so we could put it on the fridge. We look at it and remember the best day of our married lives. Well, maybe one of the best.
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