Monday, June 23, 2008

A Westgate Favortie

If you have ever been to the Westside of Columbus you know how 'good local food' is a treasure. Well the 'daritwist' is a timeless treasure that is super popular not just to Westgate residents but to all walks of life that live on the Hilltop. It's always an adventure waiting in line.

We took my sister and her family before they moved to St. Louis. We wanted to give them a late night on the Westside to remember.... After the drive-through car yelled some extra strong expletives to his friend and squealed his tires as he pulled onto Sullivant Ave, we had a great time.

Amelia was the first to get her sprinkle cone and I wished I had a video. She LOVED this cone. Everyone in line was noticing how much she was loving it.

Abbey was happy too. She is just too cute.

Here is most of the gang (minus husbands). I think I posted this picture because it is the most flattering picture of me I have ever taken.

Aren't my nice and nephews soooo cute. We will miss you living so close!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Physical Toll...

When does it pay to have a surgeon in the family??? We always called him for things like, "my kid has a runny nose and is crying a lot... what should I do." I'm sure he rolled his eyes more than once at our calls... If I had to guess his favorite calls were the ones about strange rashes Ben had... all those rashes....
So again my question....
When does it pay to have not just a Dr. in the family, but a surgeon?

When you are helping your favorite big sister move and your baby girl falls on a dangerous metal moving ramp and splits the back of her head open. (blood everywhere--sorry no pictures of that) Only 5 free stitches later this is what Abbey had to say about it... for several days.... over and over..., "I got an owiiiiiies. Uncle Dayne fixed it." Then she would scratch the back of her head.

Even when their life flashes before your eyes, they still say the cutest things that make you smile!
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Girls

Abbey 2 1/2 years
Amelia 1 year

Abbey 2 years
Amelia 6 months

Abbey 18 months
Amelia 1 month
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