Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy 4th on the 23rd

Ben's oldest brother Chad brought his family for the 4th of July! Coleman (who is Ben's 14 year old twin) really wanted fireworks. They live in Colorado where fireworks are illegal. So here in Ohio there were sure to be crazy amazing fireworks at Wal-mart. Here are just a few of the miracles we call "Ohio fireworks from Wal-mart."

Watch out, here come the sparklers! This just got us ready for the HUGE bomb, the biggest one in the package.

Brave Heart Coleman lit the massive box and stood way, way back. First we saw gray smoke. Then yellow... then more yellow. We then began to choke. There was soooo much SMOKE.

We then realized, the title on the box is....
"Double Eagle Smoke"
We had tons of smoke bombs. And they smelled GREAT!
Happy 4th! Thanks for visiting, we had tons of fun. We can't wait to live close to you guys.
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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pajamas For EVERYONE!

At church we have mid-week activities that range from play groups to craft stuff. This last week we learned to make pajamas. I happen to be incredibly impressed with myself. Abbey is posing and showing off her pocket. The pocket is my personal favorite.

I decided these were so easy that I am going to make matching ones for all my friends and family. Since I LOVE wearing my own pajamas that must mean, so must everyone else. And who wouldn't want to match me and my family.
So there aren't any buttons yet but that is the hardest part. And maybe the shirt is also the hard part so maybe i will only make pants for all my friends and family. And maybe the fabric isn't MAN friendly... when I say friends and family I mean all the girls. And since fabric is $2 a yard at Walmart maybe I will only make them for all the little friends and family I have. we are still poor, time starved students you know.