Thursday, June 18, 2009


Cathie, this is why Utah is beautiful. And this isn't even a good picture of it.
The view of Mt. Timpinogas from Thanksgiving Point Petting Zoo. I must admit, after being at the historical 1880's working farm in Columbus, OH, this is the cleanest petting zoo i have ever seen. Concrete and lush green lawn everywhere.

Grandma Teresa holding up Amelia Teresa. Abbey is back there riding the BIG horse. We had such a great time.

Little T sitting with his dad. And those hammock swings they are sitting in... best invention ever!

Cousins! I was really surprised to see how much this little guy looks like Amelia. They were the same height and running around together I almost thought they could be siblings. Great friends at least. We sure had fun with you guys! See you at the end of the summer. We are moving to Orem, Utah right around the corner from my parent's house! We found a great house that will hopefully be our home for many, many years. More house pictures to come.
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