Saturday, December 16, 2006

Department of De"fence"

For all of you that said this couldn't be done, or for all of you that said it could be done but it would take awhile, or for all of you that said it could be done, within a reasonable amount of time but that it was to costly.... check out these pix!!

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Fence Sitting

In this rustic cubby is a gorgeous old-meets-new gate with all the frills, including a hatch and hindge.

Don't let the dilapitated wood rot fool you, this gate is ready for months and months of marginal use.

At the crest of rolling acres of manicured lawn, this estate is framed by a romantic fence surround made with only the finest woods imported from the vast forests of Ireland.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Fence project...again.

The posts

Bonding time...

Why are we digging into a bush?

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Look at Durk licking his lips...

Abbey's Horsie

Abbey and her older sister

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Angel Abbey for Halloween. But isn't she an angel every day?

Abbey in LA

Serious static

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