Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sky Monkey

Sky monkey is on his mission in Houston and his great mom is making a quilt of all his favorite family members for Christmas. Luckily we are nearly missing the deadline. This means we are still on his "favorite family members" list. Close call.

On the phone with mommy, Ben poses with his creation. He actually is way more excited than he looks. As I (danielle) have been stitching the monkey together the past two days, Ben has come to look over my shoulder. I could swear the look on his face was one of longing. A longing to hold a child. Sheer pride. He LOVES this thing. Hopefully we can sneak it away to mail it to Nancy.

And this is just one of the cutest pictures of Milia I've ever taken. So... I had to show her off. She is soooo cute! Even Abbey (who had pretended she didn't have a sister for a long time) will say to Amelia "You're so cute Miliaiaiaiaia."
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