Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Annual Gingerbread/Grahm Cracker House Contest

Abbey's, notice the care she took in placing the licorice tape as shingles.

Notice the frosting on her cute face. Amelia really enjoyed making hers all by herself this year.

Marian didn't really help me make hers, she played wiht this at the Manwaring's instead. It is a house so, it counts

And for Ben, he made a whole town. It is in rememberance of the rooftops he hopped in Calistle as a youth.

The winner of the night can be seen in the background. Becky used a hot glue gun to make a princess castle. So we disqualified her. It was spectacular.
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Fall 2012

Abbey is growing up so fast!
Our nighbors next door let the girls come play in thier yard work. Good times.

Amelia is having the time of her life!
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So Quiet...

Daddy taught them a new very valuable skill!

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Happy Halloween

We are very lucky to have Emily help us out a couple times a week. She was there for us on Halloween so we took a quick messy family picture to remember this crazy time. (not that things aren't about to get worse)

Abbey and Marian were puppies. They all crawl on the floor and bark 50% of the time already. Halloween just made it official. Then Amelia felt like being original, a ghost. Apparently there is some Gibbs history here. I'll write more when Grammy gets home.

And you can see my baby bump if you look closely. Well, maybe you don't have to look too closely. I was so happy to be out of the house, out of my bed for that matter.
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I've been feeling better since this baby has made me sick.
A story for another day.
So I pretend I'm doing well and clean up my house and ignore my children while I clean up. I guess Marian was feeling hungry and all she found in the refrigerator was cilantro. I couldn't tell the extent of her love for cilantro until I rounded the corner and saw...

Classic Haunches Photo

Can I be angry with this face? If I leave her long enough she will clean up after herself. It's like having a dog.
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