Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This is my dear Marian. I can't help but love you. I've heard it said, a mother loves her baby the first time she holds the child in her arms. Although true, this love I feel now is 1000 times stronger. You  are so much more than a ball of screaming, crying, wiggling cells that I grew inside of me. There are a few ages of my children that I find truly joyful. 18 months -2 years has been one of them.

You can do so much on your own. And you showing love to us is my favorite.
We are so lucky to have you. 

When life gets hard, I want to remember these moments. You love to be held and we love to hold you.

Nice how you just fit on my hip and when you are sleepy you melt onto my shoulder.
There is nothing better than holding your child when she wants to be held and you want to hold her.

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