Thursday, August 20, 2009

maybe this will work:

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The Video didn't work

Just a few more pictures from this morning at our neighbor's house.

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We're in Utah....

This is supposed to be a silent video of our neighborhood. We'll see if it turns out...

These are my girls across the street from our house playing in our neighbor's "garden." This is the Critchfiel's home built in the 70's. They bought it from "an ornery ol' farmer" and built their own home. They have a HUGE back yard that 26 grand kids come play in every 3 weeks. The rest of the neighborhood was a cherry orchard until the early 90's when it was developed into Stonewood Estates. Now Brother Critchfiel is the "ornery old farmer." We saw the lake develop this morning in his front yard and the girls wanted to check it out. Ben took them over there and before we knew it the girls had no clothes and we were sitting on the Critchfield's back porch eating fresh green beans. They played in that mud for 2 hours. I guess they still have water rights and the field gets flooded every week. It's so cool having a farm in the middle of the neighborhood. It was better than the pool down the road. Brother Critchfield said they could come play in the mud when ever they saw the water. They are a great couple with lots of history in the area.

Well as you have noticed, there isn't much activity lately on the blog. Danielle is really sickly. She (o.k. I... i'm writing this so let's just make it 1st person) I get these awful migraines. And I lay around all day doing nothing. I was throwing up twice a day and then last week my old friend Jenny Smith (who is 7 months pregnant) told me about ginger chews. They have changed everything. They work better than the $30 a pill Zofran. Soooo that has been great. No more vomiting. And how can you beat living close to most of your family. I do miss my friends in Columbus though. We'll be out there for 24 hours next weekend so hopefully we'll get to see a bunch of you!
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