Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dirty Dishes

The other day after breakfast Amelia was particularly dirty so instead of merely wiping her hands I would rinse them in the sink. Well one thing lead to another and she had pulled herself into the sink. She is stronger then me.... Her sister saw how much fun she was having and decided she wanted to play too.
I decided the kitchen sink is way better than the tub.
Less water.
No bending.
No reaching.
They can wash dishes while they are in there.
More Safe?

Not quite. Amelia is not as easily contained as her sister.

She tried to climb out several times.
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anita said...

this picture is so cute!
if i ever have an empty sink i think i'll give it a try . . .

The UnMighty said...

That's almost as sanitary as Kramer making dinner in the shower.