Sunday, April 20, 2008

Family Fun Day!

Ben has been working two jobs lately. He decided to figure out how to finish basements. He started with our neighbor's back in December and has already completed....almost half of it. We'll have to get a picture of the progress. But he has been working there Saturdays and the family has been missing their daddy. Soooo Ben decided to surprise us with a "FAMILY FUN DAY." We just started driving south on I-71 and none of us (but Ben) knew where we were going. 2 hours later we pulled off a bit before Cincinnati and there was TONS of traffic. We thought maybe the traffic was for the Gun Show. NOT the family fun day surprise I wanted. But as we got closer to our real destination the traffic got worse. There were police officers directing traffic in the rain....
Then I saw the overfull parking lot. Then I knew... We were going to the new IKEA in Cincinnati! There were soooo many people. We were not allowed to park because the lot was full. There was no where to go. This place was surrounded by farm fields. So we (along with hundreds of other people) circled. We finally just parked semi-illegally and went in. So crowded! Worse than Disneyland.
But as you can see we still had fun. Here we are waiting in line for a Swedish Meatball dinner. Amelia was surprised to find it was not in Ben's ear but on the amazing (and cheap) highchair.

We limited ourselves to $50. That still seemed like a lot to me. By the end we spent around $75 for gas, food and amazing new home decor. My personal favorite were these "Great Big Huge" Ronnbar Plant Pots only $6. (Some day I'll learn how to get photos from the Internet onto my blog so you can see for yourself. Or just go to and put in Ronnbar Plant Pots) It truly was a Family FUN Day!

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