Monday, April 28, 2008

New Shed = New Mysterious Man in Kitchen

Can a shed be a home?

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*kimmie* said...

Ben, You look really wierd, can you come paint my house now =)

Erin said...

Hey what's happening with you Ben?


The UnMighty said...

Oo-oo, I know who that is! It's your husband, Ben.

Phew, I'll bet you're relieved. Cause now you don't have to call the police or have him killed.

furrever said...

Wow, now I can kind of envision what Ben will look like with gray hair. Very distinguished!

BrookStina said...

That gray hair will help people take you more seriously. This is something you will need to score that oh so important co-sponsored, ABD, r-squared, data mining, paper of gold to ensure a lifetime of riches. I'm tired.