Monday, April 28, 2008

Is this a pig?

Please register your vote. My contention is that no bear has a circular snout...or some kind of vest/jacket with buttons (as all pigs have).
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*kimmie* said...

The cake is so cute! Who made it? A pig would have never crossed my mind.. It definately looks like a bear!

Grandma Muse said...

I agree, it looks like a bear. Pigs don't have ears like that. They are more pointed. Thumbs up to whoever made the cake. It is

Anonymous said...

In the infamous words of Alex Tierney.... Victory is mine!!!
How dare you say that teddy bear cake looked like a pig! Just wait to see what kind of cake I make YOU for YOUR birthday......And thank you Teresa for the compliment!!! Cathie

Ke-lissa said...

Man, if it looks like a pig, oinks like a pig--its a pig. You can smother it in brown icing all you want--just makes it pork in chocolate clothing

Benielle said...

so there you go, votes are in and PIG wins handily.


Benielle said...

I did NOT leave that last comment!
It is totally a bear!
Just wait until tomorrow. We'll post a real pig cake!