Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Spring/Easter

After a long cold snowy winter the first flowers bloomed right around Easter. We were very happy to see color come to life in our yard. Every year these bulbs bloom and they remind us of our first Fall when Abbey was born. Marcia came to see her new grand baby and she planted these flowers. Spring has brought new blooms every week. As one set dies, another blast of red, orange and yellow pops up.

Easter with Daddy. We have been so busy these last several months. I guess it is all relative. Talk to any of Ben's siblings and ask if WE have been busy. I know it will just get worse. So we took time out on Easter Sunday while Amelia was asleep and took a picture before Abbey had a potty accident or pulled out her cute hair do completely.

As soon as Amelia woke up we took this photo and dashed off to Kevin and Melissa's house. Our last dinner with our dear friends before they abandoned us for BYU.

Amelia's picture was taken at Kevin & Melissa's house. Sorry Amelia, being second child really does mean photo ops are fewer and farther between. You really do look cute though (even if you are not sitting out in the green grass on a nice sunny day like abbey and dad).
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*kimmie* said...

your girls are so cute and they are getting so big! Sorry again that we have to miss amelias birthday party this weekend, but happy birthday Amelia!

Nicole said...

what a lovely family. who would of thought that having all girls was so popular!

The UnMighty said...

It looks like a springtime miracle!