Sunday, April 29, 2007

Amelia is Here!

Dani after a leisurely walk. Moments later we left for the hospital.
Wednesday 7:34pm

Abbey at her command station awaiting drop off, only slightly aware that in less than 12 hours her position of power would be compromised. She seems to say "let's do this"
Wednesday 7:37pm

After 2 hours of screening, Dani convinced the nurses that she was in active labor by having a baby. Not really, but we did have to demonstrate "progress" to be admitted. Here sweet Amelia rests after 10 minutes of the hard life. Stats: 8lbs 11oz, 21 inches. 9 APGAR score. Otherwise, ideal health. Phew.
Thursday 4:50am

Here, Abbey is less than transparent about the new arrangement, but she's had a rough 2 days of adjustment.
Thursday 5:28pm

As an added bonus, Amelia Teresa was born on here grandmother's (Teresa's) birthday! Happy 30th, mom-in-law!

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furrever said...

Welcome to the world Amelia! Congrats mom, dad, and big sister. She's a cutie (and BIG). We're glad to hear everyone is healthy and happy.

BrookStina said...

We'll be shooting for that perfect 10 there a way to bribe the nurses to get a higher score?

Kim said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful family. Now how long do we have to wait for number 3?

bex said...

Man. One more step towards Gibbs world domination.

kat said...

YEAH! Congratulations! She's so sweet. Now you just have to wait 3 months before it all starts to click.

and Kim. no one is having a number three before you. so get on it already.

Anonymous said...

So what is the luck I'd randomly read Amelia Bedelia to Hannah last nite, not knowing what my best friend's newborn's name is!! If you only knew the last time I picked up an Amelia Bedelia book...ANYWAYS! Enough of me reminiscing about my childhood! Here is this beautiful little girly!! Too cool! U know, she's bound to be the only Amelia in her class :D Congrats to all!!--wanna talk irony--how neato is it that she came on Grandma's bday? Well done Mom ;) And 2 hours! A woman after my own heart!! Love you all! Enjoy!! When Amelia's first trip to Cali????? <3 Me