Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Just in Time For Dad's Birthday!

Abbey got upset about not being allowed to use the phone anymore. Her favorite thing is to listen to the ring tones. Well, she was sucking on the phone, so I took it away! She was mad and threatened to run away with the circus to follow in the foot steps of her Great Grandma Nagy....

Luckily we caught her just in time! Close one. She was dressed and ready to go when I found her at the door talking about the hottie snake charmer. That would have totally ruined Dad's birthday!

Her dad came home and distracted her. Here he is teaching her how to make up songs on the piano. It changed her mind and she stayed for some cake. Best birthday gift Ben ever got. Besides the cake.

Danielle's first attempt at following her MOTHER's footsteps in cake decorating. She is also thinking of running away to the circus. Notice the bright colors and slight tilt to the front.

Happy Birthday Ben! Posted by Picasa


bex said...

that is quite a hat abbey is wearing. and quite a cake.

Benielle said...

Well with Kat having a second baby we have to do what it takes to draw attention to our Smiling Hill