Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday!

So I spent all this time making Abbey her own 2 layer birthday cake. We were so excited thinking, "She is going to love this! She'll get so messy and finally eat all that sugar we have been holding back on." We thought, "A great opportunity for before and After pictures" We were so wrong. Just look at her face to see what SHE was thinking. I tried everything. I gave her some frosting to taste. She liked it, I guess. Then I took some bites with my face to show her how it is done.

We moved her to the high chair thinking, "She doesn't know she is supposed to eat it" NO luck. Not one bite.

She loved the gifts though. Especially the ones that make noise. She also LOVED the books. Doesn't that say something about how good a mom I am. I mean loving books is not natural. Just think of all the PBS comercials "Read to your child 15 minutes a day.... so you don't feel like a bad parent if your child does poorly in school."

Well mission acomplished. I don't even have to read to her anymore. She does it on her own.
Well she at least likes looking at pictures. Posted by Picasa


kat said...

hey danielle... i like this post the best. just so you know. anyways, don't you love how the parents get sooo hyped up for their kids' 1st birthday and then the kid HATES all the attention? maggie didn't like her cake either. i tried to get her to eat a little, and then ben decided she needed to have her face smooshed into the cake. well, that did it. in a negative way, that is. maggie started screaming and crying and didn't even want to look at cake after that. but she did like opening presents. so much for 1st birthdays. maybe they'll finally "get it" at their 2nd.

kat said...

p.s. i really like the picture where abbey is in her high chair with her eyes closed thinking, "my birthday wish is that my mom will get that i like CHOCOLATE frosting... geez".