Saturday, May 26, 2007

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Getting along with new babies can be hard, especially when you have been the center of attention for the past 18 months (my whole life). Little by little I've seen glimpses of friendship. Mom and Dad have been quick with the camera to catch the few times I've acknowledged my so called "sister"...

Here I actually layed down next to her WITHOUT knocking into her with my arm, leg, or head. Even Amelia was surprised.... and defensive.

Here my mom is coaching me to feed my sister. Notice the sun draping in on the nape of my mother's neck. We are all perfectly posed.

I guess I do kind of like Amelia. In fact I kiss her when she is crying and mom is running around looking for a pacifier. I guess big sister stuff is going to be fun. Although for now the tantrums and screaming tirades are kind of fun too.

(Transcription by Danielle)
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annejamin said...

OH my gosh, these are such great pictures. I am loving seeing Amelia as more than just a squishy newborn! :)