Monday, August 20, 2007

New Favorite Things

Abbey's new favorite thing to do is put on Daddy's shoes. She loves to pull them out of the closet (because like me, ben always puts them away) and say "daddy shoes."

Then she likes to say, "up, down, up, down, up...." Is it just me or is that adorable?

Amelia's favorite thing to do is....
cry when I try to create cute settings for pictures.

Wouldn't any kid be totally ecstatic to be surrounded by all her sister's favorite stuffed animals?

Not unlike her sister Abbey at this age, Amelia is quite a serious baby.

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annejamin said...

These are such cute pictures! The one of Amelia smiling at you at the fountains is so sweet! And how great does Danielle look??? What is her secret? Love ya'll

nckuhn said...

Ben, I just saw your post on The Zoo (Cabela's) Did that happen to be the one in Dundee, MI? If so, I was there only about a month ago. Katie's parents live 20 Minutes from there. We also day tripped to cedar point for my yearly quota of white trash. Unfortunately between Cabela's and cedar point, I far surpassed my quota and now I can't do anything with anyone still sporting a mullet for the next two years. Sad.

anita said...

um, did abbey happen to leave some brown mary jane's with pink butterflies at our house? is this why she's wearing ben's shoes?
james slept in them the other night. would not take them off. is this a problem?

Holliday said...

Hi Ben and Danielle,

I have an assignment to respond to a blog in my information and technology class at Kent State, so I decided I should respond to yours and just inform you, in case you were not already aware, that you have the cutest kids ever!