Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fence Me In

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bex said...

ooo. ooo. this is just like one of those "spot the 5 differences in the photo" kind of games they used to put in Highlights for Kids (i read them at the doctors office)

other noticable differences between the two photos include:
* no awning
* an unruly bush
* better lighting
* hanging plants
* no for sale sign
* no white crappy weedflowers all over the lawn
* good looking yellow flowers in the front of the hosue
* baby spitup on the front porch

kat said...

becca- you totally forgot that the second picture has no noticable blue sky... i had a SUBSCRIPTION to highlights...

Kim said...

I didn't even notice the fence. I STILL suck at Highlights for Kids.

BluegrassGreenway said...

I think the lawn has been mowed as well...
No that can't be right,
Ben doesn't mow.