Monday, June 05, 2006

Rob's Party was Awesome!

Our neighbor Rob had a party last weekend to celebrate the opening of his new Photography studio. It is really his garage rebuilt into an amazing art studio. It was great to see the neighbors who had been hibernating all winter come out of thier caves to celebrate summer and Rob. Abbey was the only baby there so she was playing hard to get.
Can you tell by the photos our other neighbor Tim took?

This one says, "this party is so borring"

Here she is deep in conversation about the hot new book Ben is reading for his Book Club, "Book Club for Men" that is.... The guys at church want to change the name Ben picked out. They are afraid it implies something non-churchy. That's beside the point- Abbey was debunking the "all people are cheaters at heart" argument from "Freakonomics." She flings her hands around when she talks just like her father.

So serious! We think she was posing for the old fashion style photos.
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bex said...

i can't believe you let her outside in a sleeveless dress. what kind of morals are you teaching your child? is this because danielle wore a bikini when she was 4?

Benielle said...

Thanks for leaving comments. At least we know one person looks at our site... I am pretty sure our moms look at it but they don't have the computer skills to leave comments.... And they also like to dress their children immodestly.... what does that mean for me when I am their age?

Mom said...

When did I ever dress my chidren immodeastly? I may have dressed immodestly as a kid, but never my children.

Muzer said...

I've got pictures of me in short shorts and a batman tank top!!! So, I dont know what that means, but I thought i would put in my two cents