Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aunt Cynthia!

Over New Years we had the pleasure of enjoying Ben's Aunt's company. Ben's mom lives in our basement and the best part about it is that we get to enjoy her visitors. Cynthia came all the way from Vermont to get "Enough Church to last the rest of the year."

Well, the girls took to her like fish to water. They couldn't get enough. They would sneak downstairs every morning and beg her to read to them or tell them a story. Even Marian, who doesn't take to new faces, LOVED her.

And who wouldn't love someone who takes them out at night to a fancy Mexican Restaurant and tells them how well behaved they are. (Brave woman)

My favorite part of having Cynthia here was seeing her interact with her litter sister Marcia. She called her Marsh and told stories about when they were growing up and how Marsh was the baby of the family and always got nice things. That sibling revelry never gets old. They were like little girls having a week and a half long slumber party. So cute!

Ben said one of his favorite parts was, seeing his aunt reminded him of his Grandma Guild who passed away before we were married. It was a great way to start our great new year!

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Christina said...

What a nice post! It is really cool when you get to introduce your kids to relatives who live far away.
Marian is so cute! She looks very dainty and feminine in that top photo. :)