Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy 20011!

This year has to be better than 2010. As my friend Anita Armstrong quoted from a bar marquee, "see ya 2010, you sucked!" It will be better; I can feel it already. Even as I cooked homemade mac and cheese, things felt better. The farther I get from sleepless nights with
my doll baby Marian (she sleeps all night maybe 3 times a week) the more I realize I must have had post-partum depression. I have felt and expressed at least 10 new times ,"Wow, things are getting so much better. I finally feel like myself again!" How can I do a 180 degree turn for the better 10 times?! But today is another one of those days. Wow, the last year and a half was soooo hard, I am finally starting to feel like myself again!

To celebrate, I made my favorite mac and cheese. My mom's recipe. And since (like everyone else) I am on a diet for the new year, mac and cheese also feels like an indulgence.

Did I mention I put hot dogs in it. My girls wanted them, how could I say no?
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Harada's said...

Oh how I have missed you!!! I had know idea you have been so blah.. but I know how u feel.. 2010 was not such a great year.
It has to get better, right? I need to see some pics of your girlies, I miss them so much!
Keep on posting please. =)
And I was recently asked if I had a homemade mac n cheese recipe, I said no. I have never made it before except out of a box. So if u have a minute will u email me the recipe? I really am in the mood for it.
LOVE you all! Cheer up! =)

TheSchmierneys said...

I LOVE that mac and cheese... can u e-mail me the recipe too! Ever since your house my kids always ask for it with hot dogs and peas!!! It was SOOOO good to hear your voice today! Love you!

nita said...

yum! polka dot mac and cheese! glad you're having happier days :)