Sunday, May 29, 2011

Making Cookies with Daddy!

It is the last chance to home teach this month and so the girls helped their dad fulfill his duty. They had so much fun. My favorite was the matching red aprons.

Abbey's favorite part was
dumping in the sugar and flour. (And yes Beth that is your mixer)

Amelia's favorite part was
eating the dough, we made her wait until the cookies were all mixed together before she got to taste, hence the sad face.

And Marian,
she was feeling left out. In the end we put and apron on her and she got to "mix" the dough too.
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Natalie Meredith said...

This is adorable! Marian is walking now? Holy Cow!

TheSchmierneys said...

I've made a few cookies in that bowl too! Love seeing Ben in an apron!

Harada's said...

Your girls are getting so big!! Ben is such a good daddy and home teacher. Although he never ever made us cookies when he was our home teacher! ;) I love the pictures in the aapron Ben.